FOREST of Memories

Novosibirsk, Cozy Space Cherdachok

On February 4th, as part of the 'Picturesque House Concert', the opening of the 'Forest of Memories' exhibition took place. This project explores the role of memory in everyday life, attempting to understand the connections between the well-trodden paths of the past and the present surrounding world. I envision memory as a spherical forest.

Its space expands from within. In the forest, each tree is a center, just as every moment in memory is a source and impulse for unfolding at new levels. Repeating time and again, this route is never confined to conventional perception. Memory touches reality as a tree embraces the air around it, nourishing it with its breath.

The Forest of Memories becomes denser; branches intertwine into a canvas, above this vault constellations ignite, and silence reigns. Yet inside, you can hear the whisper of familiar voices, you seem to see yourself very small and fragile in the transparent grass, young and full of bold hopes, warmed by a tender heart — in the blazing white flame of a rosehip, everywhere it’s you, him, her, all of you, growing from the very heart.

The 12 graphic works are executed in various techniques. For each, I tried to find that very live resonance inherent in majestic plants. For me, this project turned out to be one of the most challenging ever. Each tree in this dozen is a self-contained entity, a unique black-and-white monologue. Collage, acrylic relief, embroidery, film photography, calligraphy — the cycle of techniques and materials serves only one purpose: that each unique voice (and instrument) amplifies the next. I live in this forest, full of resonance and pure music. I invite you to join me.

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